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Flashover training: Weinberger, Novak, Curry, Murante, O"Neill. Nicoll, Leather, Hargrove, Mazzeo, Russo

Flashover training: Weinberger, Novak, Curry, Murante, O”Neill. Nicoll, Leather, Hargrove, Mazzeo, Russo


On Tuesday November 24th Engines 2631 and 2671 schlepped down the Parkway to the Ocean County Fire Academy to conduct training in their flashover simulator or “Can”.  The training was lead by Chief Instructor Ray Vanmarter; an exempt Company No. 2 member.  The lecture portion prior to entering the “Can” was very informative and provided some of the new members a great lesson on flashover and it’s warning signs.  The class discussed the signs of flashover along with related topics such as flow paths created by ventilation openings.  Also discussed were so different ways to initiate a fire attack.  It seems like what was old is now new again when we discuss applying water from the outside prior to making entry or flowing water above our heads into smoke.  Both these tactics once taboo in the fire service have come full circle and are back in the forefront of many training academies.  After the hour long classroom session Company 2 members headed out to the “Can”.  Ten of us were able to rotate through approximately eight to ten roll overs.  The simulator is called a flashover simulator, however, in technical terms what you are experiencing is a roll over condition.  This is a precursor to a flashover occurring.  The objective of the training in the simulator is to allow the firefighter observe the signs and signal of an impending flashover, how to recognize it, and understand when it is time to leave.  Kudos to all members and to the OCFA instructional staff for a fun night of training.

(John Novak)