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The proposed Toms River Fire Department Headquarters has been projected to cost between 10 and14 million dollars. The overall mission of the proposed Fire Department Headquarters is to provide a permanent home for both Toms River Fire Company No. 1 and No. 2 while removing Toms River Fire Company No. 2 out of the FEMA Flood Plain.  Additionally, Toms River Fire Company No. 1 has occupied its current location since 1913 and Toms River Fire Company No. 2 has occupied its current location since 1922.  The 10 to 14 million dollars will be contributed to not only the construction of the Headquarters, but the required planning, design, and permitting of the building as well. The building itself is slated to be a three story, masonry structure totaling 32,965 square feet. The ground floor will be utilized as the apparatus bay, storing the Toms River Fire Company No. 1 and No. 2 fire engine fleet, as well as additional storage space for daily fire operations tasks. The second floor will have dedicated office space for the Fire Department Administration and a kitchen and day room for first responder personnel, and a community meeting room will be included as well. The third floor has been established as an open flex space, which has been designed around the anticipated future needs of the fire district. Last but not least, the site itself is to undergo a large transformation, being arranged to not only accommodate the large turning radiuses the fire engines require but parking for both the general public and fire department personnel.  The fire district is also seeking supplemental grants to offset the cost of this project.  On an average, depending on interest rate at the time of the bond award and the term of the bond, it will cost the average household between 25 - 45 dollars per year for the term of the bond.